WordPress Introduction:

Initially wordpress know as simple blogging application, but actually it is full content management system. We can use it as publish tool for web. Now a days all most 18% website is built in wordpress. we can see few of wordpress website showcases here.


WordPress development initiate by Michel Valdrighi’s b2/cafelog system. WordPress publish in 2003 with help of developers like Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is such open source which built on MYSQL database open source and PHP as the development. BuddyPress is set of theme and plugin that extend wordpress into web development platform.

WordPress  Type:

WordPress comes with three term:

WordPress application which should download able and we can install it on any server.
WordPress.org is platform from where we can download wordpress application and getting information of wordpress.
WordPress.com is ‘Cloud-hosted service. There is limitation of customization, plugin and theme. It’s also have some built-in ads. Benefit of wordpress.com is it’s free setup and we don’t need a hosting for it. Important thing is that we can move our website from any of wordpress term to any other wordpress term.

WordPress License:

WordPress is licensed under GNU Public License (GPL) version 2.

Wordress Learning Source:

Codex – WordPress API – Document:  Basically all helpful tutorial and API collection will be available on codex. As soon as we use codex we can get to know about how it’s structured and what is best way to find any help from codex big information warehouse.

Download: WordPress download section where we can find latest and older version. Also some quick guideline on wordpress installation, upgrade, hosting provider.

Support:  If we can’t get proper help from documentation of codex then we can get help for support forum of wordpress.

WordPress News: Please subscribe ourself for wordpress news, so you can get proper update about wordpress world.

Extension: Extend from basic functionality to advance level, you have to use theme, plugin.