26 02, 2016

Joomla Components vs Modules vs Plugins

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The most common confusion among the new Users(and some old one as well). While all 3 are “Extensions”, They are quite different from each other.

1. Components

A Component is the full page you see on front end. A Component is the largest extension in Joomla. It may offer a completely new […]

26 02, 2016

5 Things to know about Joomla Administration

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1. Articles

After you install Joomla, go to the backend and login as an admin. You will see Admin
landing page. Now, in the menu bar click on content and articles manager.
If you have installed sample data, you’ll see a list of articles, If you haven’t then you must create a new […]

26 02, 2016

How to Install a Joomla Extension

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On your Joomla back-end, Go to Extensions > Extension Manager, from there you can Install extensions.

There are 4 ways to install a Joomla extension.
The first three ways are enabled by default and the 4th way has to be enabled by administrator.


1. Upload Package File

Download the archive file and […]

8 01, 2015

Common Error or FAQ should know about joomla extension

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Test component without install component package

We should test component without install a extension package. For that we should create new component directory ‘helloworld’ under ‘çomponent’ directory and create helloworld.php which will call directly through URL like below:


Joomla 500 Error – Error 500 (View not found [name, type, prefix]

Generally joomla is […]

8 01, 2015

Joomla – Constant is important role in joomla framework

January 8th, 2015|JOOMLA|0 Comments

Generally when we talking about joomla extension or study core module of joomla, we always got to know about few constant used frequently. Let’s go through most of constant which we need to know at time of development or study of joomla.

Generally this constant we use to check security, most of every pages of joomla have check this constant value. if it’s false then we give ‘Access Restricted’ message. And it’s set into joomla main landing page /index.php.

It’s generally same like __DIR__, The path to the installed Joomla! site, or JPATH_ROOT/administrator if executed from the backend. JPATH_BASE is the root path for the current requested application, so if you are in the administrator application JPATH_BASE == JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR and If you are in the site application JPATH_BASE == JPATH_SITE and If you are in the installation application JPATH_BASE == JPATH_INSTALLATION.

Few constant defined into defines.php file which is located into /includes/defines.php. BTW defines.php is include through /index.php

The path to the administrator folder. […]

2 01, 2015

12 Basic things which need to know about Joomla before go inside

January 2nd, 2015|JOOMLA|0 Comments

Joomla customization vs extensions

Joomla is very flexible to extend it, so it’s always to prefer that extend joomla feature instead of hacking/customize directly into core module/component or code. One of reason that when any upgrade/updates and patches are released from joomla community our new extended feature will not overwrite.

Joomla Component:

Component are what we see in the ‘main’ portion of the page. Content elements or applications that are usually displayed in the center of the main content area of a template. This depends on the design of the template in use. Components are core elements of Joomla!’s functionality. joomla design such a way that at a time one component only load and run. Joomla core components are as bellow: […]