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A Magento 2 website with various customization. Magento and theme installation with a cron job setup, various customization with CSS and HTML, extension changes and custom Magento development.



A Magento 2 eCommerce website for various type of knives. There was a Magento 2 and Theme installation with a cron job. Also customization on Home Page, Header and Footer, with HTML and CSS.



A Magento 2 website for bride accessories. There were various customizations related to Magento as well as HTML and CSS.


A Magento 2 eCommerce website where we did the Magento and the theme installation, as well as set up a cron job.


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A Magento 2 website to rent rooms, hotels and more. There are various extensions used and multiple custom development done to enhance the functionality. Technologies: Magento 2, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Freezer Work Wear


A Magento 2 website for Cold environment Clothes. There were various customizations and bug fixes related to Magento, HTML and CSS.

Ancient Leafs


A Magento 2 eCommerce website with a third party theme installed. Magento Theme and Extension installation, custom design related work was done for this site. Technologies used: Magento 2, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS