Basic and Advanced Joomla Training Service in Vadodara

Joomla is a free and open source Content Management System. It is written in PHP, uses Object Oriented Programming techniques and is built on the model view controller architectural pattern, which can be used individually as CMS. Joomla is compatible with different databases like MySQL, MSSQL & PostgreSQL.

Joomla has different features like RSS feeds, banners, user management, search, blogs, page caching & support for multiple languages. It is the second most used CMS in the world, behind WordPress.

It’s better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive.

— Steve McConnell

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Joomla is a powerful Content Management System, which can be used in a different type of websites.

With being CMS, Joomla has an administration panel in the back-end, where super admin (or any user with required access) can make changes that will affect the front end. You can change or install one of the thousands of available templates, extensions, modules and components. These are all combined called Extensions, so we’ll use this word hereafter. As an admin, you can make major changes to site like user management, banners, articles, change menus and many more.

Joomla can be learnt by anyone! As being CMS, Webmull offers multiple types of course options, so you can choose the one which is relevant. Webmull offers the Training in Joomla Administration & Coding, with an option of working on a real-time project.

Joomla Administration Training Course contains learning back end of Joomla and changing content, menus, managing users, banners, installing-managing-removing extensions plus much more, without touching the code. This course is aimed for individuals who don’t like to code, don’t want to code or already knows the code and want to manage the website. With the knowledge of Joomla Administration, you will be able to manage small and big Joomla based websites with ease.

Joomla Programmer Training Course contains learning Joomla coding with its OOP based MVC structure. This is aimed for individuals who are not in the managing side and more interested in developing. This will allow you to create custom changes in Joomla to alter its behaviour, plus with the creation of extensions, you can make Joomla behave the way you want!

We also offer Live project training in Joomla, where you will be working on a real project with certain objectives. Based on the selection of your course, You will have a number of days to achieve your goals and complete the project.

After the completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate cum experience letter from Webmull.

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Joomla Administration

  • Introduction of CMS
  • History of Joomla
  • Installation and setup
  • Key term to use in Joomla
  • Joomla Global Setting
  • User type and right
  • Media Management
  • Menu
  • Articles
  • Components
  • Plugins
  • Modules
  • Templates
  • Components
  • Modules
  • Plugins
  • Create Menu
  • Create Sub-menu
  • Menu Item
  • Installing templates
  • Setting the default template
  • Using multiple templates
  • Theme Layout and positions
  • Create New Position
  • Configuration and installing components
  • Banner, Contact, News Feed
  • Polls, Search
  • Plugin Manager
  • Creating and editing content items/pages
  • Static Content Pages
  • Publishing and un-publishing content/pages
  • Setting access levels for content/pages
  • Inserting Image into article
  • Content parameters
  • Meta tag and meta keyword
  • Adding menu links
  • Front page manager
  • News & flash items
  • Inserting google map

Joomla Programmer

  • Understand directory structure
  • Understand Model, View, Controller
  • Understand directory structure
  • Make custom new theme
  • Implement style in theme
  • Understand directory structure
  • Make custom new component
  • Implement style in component
  • Understand directory structure
  • Make custom new plugin
  • Implement style in plugin

Joomla live Project

Live project in Joomla.

Course Duration

Course Joomla Administration Joomla Administration + Live Project Joomla Programmer Joomla Programmer + Live Project Complete Joomla Complete Joomla + Live Project
Course Content Module
1-10 + Live Project
Module 11-15 + Live Project Module
1-15 + Live Project
Duration (Days) 40 40 + 15 30 30 + 15 65 65 + 15
Theory Hours 45 Mins/Day 45 Mins/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day
Practical Hours 45 Mins/Day 45 Mins/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day

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