Basic and Advanced Drupal Training in Vadodara with Experienced Trainer

Drupal is a free open source content management framework written in PHP. It is a powerful tool used in multiple types of websites ranging from blogs, government sites, entertainment sites, news sites, forums and many more.

The standard Drupal, known as Drupal Core contains basic features like user registration, maintenance, menus, RSS feeds, page layout customization, and system administration. There are many free & paid themes and modules available from the Drupal community, which alters and extends the capabilities of Drupal Core.

There are 10 kinds of people – those who understand binary and those who don’t.

— Anonymous

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Drupal is a powerful CMS capable of handling websites of multiple genres.

Webmull offers Course training in Drupal Basic and Drupal Advanced.

Drupal Basic will teach administration and how to manage a website developed in Drupal. It will include how a user can manage menus, users, blogs, users, security, caching, comments, themes and many other things. This training will ensure that you will have proper knowledge of the Drupal admin panel. After this, you will be qualified to manage Drupal websites.

Drupal Advanced teaches how to become master of Drupal code and make changes via coding in a website developed in Drupal. This means you will be able to create and edit Drupal modules and themes plus all kind of custom coding, which will vastly extend the capabilities, behaviour and appearance of Drupal.

Webmull also offers Live project training in Drupal, where you will work on a real project with objectives. Based on the course you selected, You will get a time-frame to achieve your objectives and complete the project.

After the completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate cum experience letter from Webmull.

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Basic Drupal

  • CMS Introduction
  • History of Drupal
  • Installation & Setup
  • Key terms
  • Administration Menu
  • Site Information
  • Setting the theme
  • Site Configuration
  • User
  • User Profile
  • Create User & User roles and permissions
  • Contact us form
  • Basic information setting up
  • Page layout
  • Blocks & Block Layout.
  • Nodes
  • Stories or article
  • Pages
  • Blog
  • Poll
  • Blocks
  • Category or taxonomy
  • Site Theme & basic configuration
  • Change CSS
  • Find modules
  • Installing modules
  • Configuring module
  • Working with most useful Module
  • Simple view
  • View interface
  • Adding field to a view
  • Sort, filter in views
  • View display as page, Block.

Advanced Drupal

  • Understand directory structure
  • Make new custom theme
  • Implement style in theme
  • Understand directory structure
  • Make custom module
  • Implement theme and style for module
  • Overriding default settings
  • Attaching information to view
  • View appearances with grid, list, and table
  • Using css into view
  • View header, footer, pagination and ajax
  • Adding new field – title, body, image, model etc
  • Implement field into contnet type

Drupal live Project

Live project in Drupal

Course Duration

Course Drupal Basic Drupal Basic + Live Project Drupal Advanced Drupal Advanced + Live Project Complete Drupal Complete Drupal + Live Project
Course Content Module
1-10 + Live Project
11-16 + Live Project
1-16 + Live Project
Duration (Days) 40 40 + 15 30 30 + 15 65 65 + 15
Theory Hours 45 Mins/Day 45 Mins/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day
Practical Hours 45 Mins/Day 45 Mins/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day 1 Hour/Day

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