Test component without install component package

We should test component without install a extension package. For that we should create new component directory ‘helloworld’ under ‘çomponent’ directory and create helloworld.php which will call directly through URL like below:


Joomla 500 Error – Error 500 (View not found [name, type, prefix]

Generally joomla is very sensitive about naming convention, so if we did some mistake to give name of controller, view or directory name like view instead of views then it’s return 500 Error.

If it’s seem everything good in term of naming then please try to reinstall existing component.

How to see position into template:

1. Go to template manager after login into joomla site administration.
2. Click on ‘options’ button from right side top.
3. Enable the ‘preview module positions’.
4. Go to once again template manager, now you will get ‘preview’ icon at start of theme listing. After clicking on that icon you will get all module positions of that template.