We are very exciting after we have successfully created featured product module and We want to share with you.
Let’s create the featured product module. We will need




Now, We have created directory structure for the module. Now we will create the file for this.

1. First we create the configuration file module.xml in app/code/Webmull/Featuredproduct/etc

The content for the file will be as:


2. we create the product attribute named InstallData.php in app/code/Webmull/Featuredproduct/Setup

The content for the file should be:


3. Create the block file named Featuredproduct.php in app/code/Webmull/Featuredproduct/Block



4. Create the featuredprodcut.phtml file in app/code/Webmull/Featuredproduct/view/frontend/templates



Now you think module is ready but how it displayed in front. Let’s we are displaying the featured product block in home page
In Cms page we will add



Now Refresh the home page. We have sucessfully created the featured product module.
Enjoy the module. :)