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webmull - Website development company who provide SEO, PPC, Brand management, Link Building services in Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat, India
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most integral part for a website, who wants to be on top the search results.

Webmull offers site optimization for search engines. SEO helps to get traffic on the website, the organic way, which means using certain keywords & analysis, back-linking, link-building and improving link popularity. Organic SEO is one of the White hat SEO techniques, which focuses on humans and follows all search engine rules.

Pay Per Click or PPC is a model of internet advertising, which is used to divert traffic to the website. In this model, each time the site is clicked, the advertiser pays fees for to a publisher. Usually, advertisers uses search engine and links goes to sponsored lists of search results, when user searches with some particular keyword. Another ways is to show sponsored ads on some particular websites, when the content is relevant. Sponsored ads are usually shown as banners on websites.

Webmull offers adding & managing PPC services, with that, you can expand your business and increase the traffic on your website.

Webmull offers brand management services for interested brands or products, in where we manage and promote your brand via digital marketing, while developing the relationship with the target audience. After that, the exposure of the brand will increase and the brand value will rise significantly.
Internet is a big Spider web and Search Engines are those spiders. They are always looking for their prey. Link to a webpage is that prey. We offer link building, a technique in white hat SEO, which helps direct the traffic to your website.

Link building with another site, which is trustworthy is extremely important. With that, search engines analyses the links and concludes their popularity, which improves the SEO rank if the sites are trustworthy and not spam.

Corporate blogging is a way to create Brand awareness, Improve SEO, user engagement & lead generation.  It usually includes news from the industry, tips in different areas, do’s and don’ts, pros and cons for industry practices (eg, SEO) and news as a brand or an organization.
webmull - Website development company who provide Social Networking, Webmaster Service, Affiliate, Blog and Email Marketing services in Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat, India
Webmull offers services in social network page creation and management with regular user interaction. Social networks are integral part of internet and can be used to increase brand awareness, direct and increase traffic to the website and increasing user interaction with the brand.
Webmull provides services as webmaster. We will create and/or manage your website with content efficiently.

A webmaster is usually the one who create and/or manages content on a website.

Or someone with a technical background, who creates and/or manages a server.

Webmull offers the affiliate programs. In this program, You will become an affiliate of Webmull and will host some sponsored links from us. When user clicks those links and buys something, you get paid.

Or It can be other way around, and we can host some sponsored link. We work either way.

Webmull provides service of sponsored content on the blog where a blog item advertises a company, product or a brand. It may also include recommendation or reviews. They get paid by that certain brands or companies.
Email marketing is a way to increase future buyers or increase product exposure. This way, We can send email to thousands of users (who are subscribers), at the same time. It is also called mass email technique.

Webmull offers email marketing services, where we will create a custom template on request and send mass email to subscribers around the world, increasing product/brand awareness, interaction and exposure to the market.

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